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IEPF 5 Filling Service

The IEPF 5 Filing is the special filing that companies must submit to the IEPF (Investor Education and Protection Fund) authority if they have unclaimed dividends, matured deposits, or any other amounts that need to be transferred to the IEPF. At Share Claimer, we offer the IEPF 5 Filling Service, helping the shareholders of a company to get back their unpaid or unclaimed amounts. The IEPF 5 Filing is a must as per the Companies Act, 2013, and it ensures that unclaimed funds are safeguarded and utilized for the benefit of investors.

How to File IEPF 5?

To file IEPF 5 for claiming a refund, follow these 5 simple steps:

  • Access the web form for IEPF 5 Filing to claim the refund. Thoroughly read the instructions before proceeding with the filling process.
  • Once you've completed the form, submit it online. Thereafter, note the generated Service Request Number (SRN)
  • Print the filled form and acknowledgment
  • Gather the necessary documents and submit them to the Nodal Officer (IEPF) of the respective company at its registered office.
  • Once verified, the IEPF Authority will process the refund, transferring it directly to your account electronically.

IEPF 5 Filling Requirements

The IEPF 5 Filling Requirements are mandatory criteria that companies must adhere to when submitting the IEPF 5 form. Here is the list of key requirements:

  • Print the submitted IEPF 5 form. If there are joint holders, ensure all sign the form.
  • Attach a copy of the acknowledgment received from the IEPF authority after form submission.
  • Prepare the original Indemnity Bond, duly signed by all claimants and witnesses. For claims under 10,000, plain paper can be used, while claims of 10,000 or more require non-judicial stamp paper as per the State's Stamp Act.
  • Affix a revenue stamp of Rs 1 on the Original Stamped Receipt, filled and signed by all claimants and witnesses.
  • Include KYC documents such as self-attested copies of Aadhar cards or PAN cards for Indian citizens and copies of passport or overseas citizen of India cards for NRIs.
  • If shares are held in physical form, include the original share certificate being claimed.
  • Provide a Transaction Statement of your demat account showing the debit/transfer of shares to IEDF, duly attested by all claimants and the Depository Participant.
  • Include the original leaf of a canceled check and a copy of the Client Master List of Demat Account.

Things to Remember

Please ensure to carefully follow all the provided instructions before completing the IEPF 5 Filling Service:

  • Prepare your PAN details, a valid Email ID, an Aadhaar Card number, an active mobile number, and Demat Account details, as well as other IEPF 5 Filling Requirements in advance.
  • Gather your bank account information, including the IFSC Code, and other necessary details for submission.
  • If you are a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) or a foreign individual, you will need a passport, an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card, and a Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) card.
  • It is essential to provide proof of entitlement. This could include Bonds, Debentures, Fixed Deposit receipts, certificates of shares, interest warrants, Dividend warrants, Application numbers, Statements of transactions, etc.

What is the After Process?

Ensure that the IEPF 5 Filling form is free of errors, as any mistakes cannot be corrected after submission. Additionally, only one form can be filed for one company using one Aadhaar Number. Prepare all necessary documents according to the situation and review them before submitting them.

The IEPF Form 5 is submitted on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs portal. It is then sent, along with accompanying documents, to the relevant company and authority for validation and further processing.

Once submitted, the company and IEPF Authority will review the documents. They will notify us if there are any discrepancies. If no issues are found, the process continues. The Transmission of Shares to the respective demat account and any unclaimed dividends are deposited into the investor's bank account.

Online Form Filling Procedure

You must ask about How to File IEPF Form 5 Online, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) in India to find answers on How to File IEPF 5.
  • Click on the 'IEPF' tab or section on the website's homepage.
  • Look for the 'File IEPF-5' option and click on it.
  • Fill out the form with accurate details, including your folio number, the name of the company in which you hold shares and other required information.
  • Upload the necessary documents, such as a copy of the claimant's Aadhaar card, bank passbook, and proof of ownership of shares.
  • Verify all the details provided in the form and double-check for accuracy.
  • Pay the prescribed fee online, if applicable.
  • Submit the form electronically.
  • You will receive a confirmation receipt or acknowledgment for your submission.
  • The concerned authorities will process your claim, and upon approval, you will receive your refund or other entitlements as per IEPF rules.
  • Why investment is transferred to IEPF 5 Filling?

    1. Failure to keep track of previous or physical investments with Transfer of Shares
    2. The destruction of outdated physical certificates and papers
    3. Change in the investor's name
    4. Shares owned by parents, grandparents, or family members
    5. Failure to exercise dividend warrants or Unpaid Dividends

    Why Choose Us for IEPF 5 Filling Service?

    Expertise: We have experienced team of IEPF 5 filing. Our experience ensures that your filing will be accurate and compliant with all relevant regulations.

    Efficiency: We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to IEPF 5 filings. Our streamlined process ensures that your filing is completed promptly, saving you valuable time and effort.

    Comprehensive Services: We offer end-to-end service, from checking IEPF 5 Filling Requirement, and document preparation to submission and tracking. You can rely on us for all your filing needs.

    Customized Solutions: We tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. Whether you have a single filing or a large volume, we can accommodate your needs with personalized solutions.

    Compliance Assurance: Our in-depth knowledge of IEPF regulations ensures that your filing will meet all legal requirements, reducing the risk of errors or complications.

    Security: We prioritize the security of your sensitive information. Our robust data security measures ensure the confidentiality of your documents and details.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How to recover your shares and dividends from IEPF?

    To recover shares and dividends from IEPF, complete the error-free IEPF Form 5 with accurate details. Submit it along with necessary documents to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs portal. The company validates documents, resolves discrepancies, and then transfers shares to the Demat account and unclaimed dividends to the investor's bank account.

    2. What happens to the Unclaimed Shares?

    Unclaimed shares are handled by the company and the IEPF Authority. Once validated, the shares are transferred to the investor's demat account, and any Unclaimed Dividends are deposited into the investor's bank account.

    3. How to File IEPF 5?

    To claim the IEPF dividend, fill out Form IEPF-5 accurately. Attach the required documents. Submit on the MCA portal. The company validates documents. After approval, the dividend is transferred to the bank account linked with an Aadhaar/PAN.

    4. Is there any legislative framework for the establishment of IEPF?

    Yes, there is a legislative framework for the establishment of IEPF. It is governed by the Companies Act, 2013, and the Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority (Accounting, Audit, Transfer and Refund) Rules, 2016, in India.