Unclaimed Dividends

A dividend is a portion of a company's profits that is distributed to its shareholders. Dividends can be paid in cash, shares of stock, or other financial instruments. Some of them become Unclaimed Dividends, as the shareholder give wrong bank information or they change their bank account.

Unclaimed dividends are dividends that have been paid by a company to its shareholders, but the shareholders have not claimed them within the validity period.

This may be because of numerous factors which may include

  • Oversight,
  • Change of address, or
  • Death

Unclaimed dividends are listed under current liabilities in a company's balance sheet because they can be claimed by shareholders at any time.
Unclaimed dividends are classified as current liabilities in the company's balance sheet because they may be claimed by shareholders at any time.

We, at Share Claimers, have gone through many such instances in which the shareholder had totally forgotten their shares or lost their papers and consequently did not
think about getting the dividend. We don't just track the shares, but also helped them to recover unclaimed dividends.

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Why Do We Need Unclaimed Dividends?

The Unclaimed Dividends refer to the distribution of profits by companies to shareholders that remain uncollected. They have a significant need as they highlight financial inefficiencies and unattended assets in the corporate sector.

Unclaimed dividends underscore the importance of investor awareness and communication, urging companies to enhance outreach and engagement with shareholders. These unclaimed funds can be utilized for productive purposes, contributing to economic growth and development. Additionally, addressing unclaimed dividends ensures equitable distribution of earnings and reinforces transparent corporate practices.

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How to Claim Unpaid Dividends?

To know detailed information about, How to Claim Unpaid Dividends here is the complete guide on it, additionally we also offer Transmission of Shares:

Gather Information: Collect details like company name, dividend amount, and dividend warrant number from past dividend statements or company websites.

Contact Company: Reach out to the company's registrar or investor relations department for assistance with claiming Unclaimed Dividends.

Verification: Verify your ownership by providing necessary documents like share certificates, folio number, PAN, and KYC details.

Application: Fill out the prescribed form for claiming unpaid dividends. This can usually be found on the company's website or obtained from the registrar.

Attach Documents: Attach copies of necessary documents, including identity proof, address proof, PAN card, and bank details.

Submit Application: Submit the completed form and documents to the company's registrar or relevant authority.

Processing: The company will verify your claim and process the payment.

Follow Up: If required, follow up with the company for updates on the status of your claim.

Payment: Once approved, the Unclaimed Dividends will be transferred to your registered bank account.

Keep Records: Maintain copies of all submitted documents and communications for future reference.

Tips on How to Claim Unpaid Dividends

Maintain your records: It is critical to keep your address, PAN number, and other information up to current with the company. This ensures that you receive all Unclaimed Dividends and other company mailings.

Check your bank account: If the dividend is paid by direct bank transfer, make sure your bank account information is valid and up to date.

Keep track of the deadline for claiming your dividend: With the company's Unclaimed payout registry specifies the deadline for claiming the payout. Keep this date in mind and submit your claim application before the deadline.

Seek professional assistance: If you are having difficulty obtaining your Unpaid Dividends, you can seek professional assistance from a lawyer.

Documentation is Required for the Recovery of Unclaimed Dividends

The following documents are required to recover claims from the Investor Education and Protection Fund:

  • A copy of the correctly filled Form IEPF 5, as well as an acknowledgment with a specific Service Request Number (SRN).
  • Indemnity Bond, signed by the claimant A stamped advance receipt with the signatures of the claimant and witnesses
  • A debenture, deposit, or share certificate that has achieved its initial maturity when holding physical securities
  • If the securities are maintained in DEMAT form, a copy of the transaction statement is required.
  • A self-attested copy of the Aadhaar Card Proof of entitlement, such as a share certificate or an application number for an interest warrant, etc.
  • Returned Cheque
  • You will require a copy if the applicant is an NRI
  • We also offer services and advice for Transmission of Shares and Unclaimed Shares IEPF.


    1. What are unclaimed dividends, and how can you manage them?

    Ans. The Unclaimed Dividends refer to dividends declared by a company that have not been collected by shareholders within a specified timeframe. Companies transfer such unclaimed amounts to the Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) as mandated by regulations.

    The IEPF Unclaimed Shares then manages these funds, and shareholders can claim them by following a prescribed process. Shareholders can check for Unpaid Dividends through online portals, providing transparency. To claim, individuals need to submit relevant documents to the IEPF, undergo verification, and, upon approval, receive the funds. This mechanism ensures that unclaimed dividends are safeguarded, and rightful owners have a systematic way to reclaim their financial entitlements, promoting financial integrity and investor protection.

    2. Why are dividends left unclaimed?

    Ans. Dividends are left unclaimed for various reasons such as shareholders changing addresses, oversight, lack of awareness about the Physical Shares, or the passing away of shareholders without proper transmission of shares. Additionally, some shareholders may not actively monitor or claim their dividends due to disengagement with their investments or a lack of understanding of the claiming process, leading to unclaimed dividend amounts.

    3. How does one discover whether they or someone they know has unclaimed dividends?

    Ans. To determine if you or someone you know has Unpaid Dividends, follow this step-by-step guide:

    1. Visit https://www.iepf.gov.in/IEPFWebProject/services.html and click on "Search Unclaimed/Unpaid Amount" under Quick links on the left side.
    2. On the next screen, enter the person's name, or use the folio number or Client ID/Account Number for the search.
    3. Check the search results and select the appropriate entry.
    4. Explore the details of the selected entry. If it's the correct record, select it by checking the box in the S. No. column and click Submit.
    5. View the list of unpaid shares and dividends associated with the selected person. This process helps identify and claim any unclaimed amounts, promoting financial transparency and ensuring rightful ownership.

    4. How to Claim Unclaimed Dividends?

    Ans. This is one of the most common questions, about How to Claim Unpaid Dividends, here are the steps one needs to follow to claim unpaid dividends:

  • Visit iepf.gov.in and click 'Claim Refund.'
  • Log in to the MCA Portal, go to 'MCA Services,' and select 'IEPF-5.'
  • Fill out the online form with details like name and PAN number.
  • Attach required documents (PAN card, canceled cheque).
  • Submit the form online; an SRN acknowledgment will be generated.
  • Print the form, sign it, and send it with documents to the Nodal Officer.
  • Nodal Officer files a Verification Report online.
  • IEPF Authority verifies and approves the claim, sending an approval email.
  • Refund is initiated, transferring funds to your bank and shares to your Demat Account.