Unclaimed Shares & Money Recovery

Unclaimed Shares IEPF

It is estimated about 37,300 crore rupees stuck as Unclaimed Shares IEPF, and other savings schemes.

Shares Moved to IEPF

We have been always encouraged long-term investments as a great investment practice, However some investors may have forgotten about shares they purchased a long time ago. Then your Shares Moved to IEPF

These investments that investors are unaware of are called abandoned shares. They can add value to the investor over time.
Most of these investors are senior citizens who initially track their investments but tend to forget the information or misplace the documents as the years go by.

If unclaimed for seven years, these Shares Transferred to IEPF (Investor Education and Protection Fund) under SEBI custody.
We Share claimers and our experts can help you locate these investments through research analysis and database search.
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Benefits of Shares Moved to IEPF

The Shares Moved to IEPF offers several benefits:

Investor Protection: Transfer of Shares safeguard investors' rights by preventing loss of value due to unclaimed dividends or shares. The funds remain available for rightful claimants even after a prolonged period.

Financial Inclusion: The IEPF promotes financial literacy and awareness among shareholders, ensuring they are informed about their rights and entitlements.

Corporate Governance: It encourages transparent corporate practices as companies are accountable for unclaimed dividends and shares. This fosters better corporate governance.

Economic Growth Utilizing unclaimed funds for economic and infrastructure development contributes to the nation's growth.

Investor Welfare: The IEPF utilizes unclaimed dividends for investor education and protection, creating a supportive environment for shareholders.

Need of Shares Transferred to IEPF

Shares are transferred to the Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) when dividends remain unclaimed for several years. This safeguards shareholders' interests by preventing loss of value due to Unclaimed Shares IEPF.

The IEPF ensures that Unclaimed Dividends and shares are utilized for the welfare of investors and the growth of the economy, hence Shares Transferred to IEPF. It also encourages responsible ownership and helps maintain transparent corporate practices. The process promotes financial literacy and investor protection while contributing to the overall health of the financial market.

How to Claim Shares From IEPF?

Claiming shares from the Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) involves a series of steps. The IEPF was established by the Indian government to protect the interests of investors and unclaimed dividends. If you have unclaimed shares that have been transferred to the IEPF, here's How to Claim Shares From IEPF:

  • Verify Eligibility: Check if your unclaimed shares are listed in IEPF database.
  • Gather Documentation: Collect required documents including KYC, share certificates, and proof of ownership.
  • Fill Form: Complete the IEPF Form 5 online with accurate details.
  • Submit Application: Upload the form and documents on IEPF portal and get an acknowledgment.
  • Await Approval: IEPF reviews your claim, and upon approval, shares are transferred to your demat account.